Colon Cleansing The Benefits

Studies have indicated that during difficult financial times people tend to take care of themselves more. However, the gym is not the only way to shed pounds and become healthier. The benefits of colon hydrotherapy can lead to weight loss, increased energy, less gastro-intestinal problems

Colon hydrotherapy was entirely common in ancient Greek and Egyptian societies, and became a hit in the United States in the early part of the twentieth century as European style health spas began to spawn in the northeast and then across the nation.

After general physicians began to see dramatically fewer gastrointestinal patients, a hostile medical community eventually led an effort to discredit the centuries-old practice. Regardless of the obvious benefits of colon hydrotherapy, doctors persisted in calling any positive evidence anecdotal or denied that the colonic itself was the cause of any relief. Continue Reading ...

Simple Rotator Cuff Treatment

Torn rotator cuff treatment doesn’t have to be as difficult as the medical profession leads you to think, in fact the simplicity of the treatment may actually surprise you.

Suffering from shoulder pain can have a big impact on the quality of your daily life. Almost anything that interrupts and keeps you from carrying on your daily activities can affect you not only physically but the pain can be so severe it can also have a huge impact on your emotional attitude.

I know first hand what it is like not to have normal flexural mobility and the pain involved with the limited use of something as important as your shoulder. Fortunately through my months of research and doctor visits I came across some information that may change your mind about your shoulder pain and start you on the road to a pain free shoulder once again. Continue Reading ...

Causes Of Numbness In Fingers

Although the most basic reason for numb fingers is lack of blood supply, it does not necessarily mean that the patient is experiencing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. There are many other causes of finger numbness. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is definitely among them but it does not cover all kinds of conditions. Keep in mind that this symptom can also be caused by other conditions or disorders.
The following are the most common causes of numb fingers:

– Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS results not just with numbness but with pain as well. It is often caused by the compression of the nerve known to supply blood towards some of the fingers. When the nerve is compressed, the middle finger, thumb and pointing finger do not receive blood, causing paresthesia or a tingling sensation. When the condition progresses, it eventually results to numbness and pain.

– Arterial insufficiency

Another cause of numbness fingers is arterial insufficiency or lack of blood towards the hands. The radial and ulnar arteries are the two main blood vessels which supply blood to the hands. However, in cases of arterial insufficiency disorders such as Raynaud’s disease, circulation is disrupted due to the constriction of the arteries. Just like CTS, the condition most likely start with a tingling sensation before leading to finger numbness. Continue Reading ...

Depressed? Reach Out

We will have all gone through periods of depression at one or more points in our lives. If it passes away soon and you are back to normal, then there is nothing to worry about. If it becomes worse however and affects your day to day life, your family and work, you have to get medical help as soon as possible. Depression affects the nervous system, and if you do not take quick action, it could lead to a nervous breakdown.
Through personal experience, I know what it feels like to be depressed. Although it might not be for a long period of time, it can cause a lot of upheavals in your life and change you from a cheerful and pleasant person to a bundle of misery wrapped up in yourself, and mostly due to circumstances beyond your control.
Although no one is quite sure what causes depression, it is thought that many factors contribute to it such as the parents’ genes where children can be affected, bad childhood experiences, drug abuse, psychological factors, etc. Experts say that the brain of a person suffering from depression looks different to the brain of a normal none depressed individual.
Some of the causes of depression can be the death of a loved one, breakup of a relationship, financial problems, or even for no known reason at all. I have heard many people say they are depressed, but do not really know why.

I became very depressed when my mother passed away. It came to a point where my personality changed completely, and I became a different person altogether, losing interest in everything I liked to do. I did not have the energy to get up in the morning or go to work or watch a movie. I felt like crying all the time or wanting to go to sleep so that I would not have to think or feel anymore. Even without doing any work or tiring myself, I felt exhausted all the time wondering what life was all about; that is until my sister made me seek medical help, which I am happy to say drew me out of my mood of lethargy and misery.
One thing you must realize is that depression is not something that can be handled alone by yourself. First and foremost you have to talk to someone close to you and tell them how you feel. Do not try to fight it alone. If you feel you can confide in a relative or a close friend, say that you do not like to be alone. Go out with them for coffee, a movie, or even just for a walk. Another great way to overcome depression is by helping someone else. You can either join a voluntary organization or simply help an elderly neighbor by visiting her, reading to her or just chatting with her. Talk to a counselor, or join a class in painting, dancing, aerobics or anything that will help you to pass away your time without being alone. Having a pet is also good. Just watching their antics can help you to forget your troubles. Try not being alone at all, because those are the times when you tend to sit and think and wallow in a mood of self-pity.

You can always imagine cheerful things like children playing on the beach or having a picnic and always be positive. If it is stress that is causing depression, you have to learn how to relax by practicing yoga or meditation. Try to think of what causes your depression and if it is relationship problems, too much work, no job, health issues, etc. plan out ways on how to avoid or minimize their impact on your life.
The important thing to remember is that no matter how severe the depression is, it can be treated and cured. The sooner you get help, the more effective and faster the cure will be, and the chances of recurrence are greatly reduced with prompt treatment.

Handling A Tinnitus Diagnosis

Tinnitus can be hugely frustrating, and might even affect your mental status when it is severe and untreated.

It could be helpful to consult an experienced therapist who deals with cognitive behavior. This kind of therapy will instruct you on how you can approach the disorder in a way that it doesn’t dominate your way of life. Learning to not dwell around the condition removes the psychological element of having it. The aid of an experienced practitioner will help you get beyond the stress that you just feel while you are dealing with your tinnitus. You will be able to manage it in a more productive way. When you allow tinnitus to bother you, it does not enable you to be happy.

Some that suffer from tinnitus report symptoms relief after trying reflexology. Try it out to determine if it may help you. Be sure to locate a professional who has some accreditation and gives you a listing of references. Do research on their experience, and be sure to choose someone whom you can trust. Continue Reading ...

What To Look For In Probiotics

There are a number of probiotic supplements on the market, but finding the right supplement is what matters most. You must ensure that you choose a probiotic supplement that will deliver the expect results. Here is a look at the probiotic supplements reviews and how you can choose the right one for you;
• Consider the brand
You will want to ensure that you choose a brand that is well known and reputable enough. There are some brands that have been in the probiotic supplement field for many years. This implies that they have the right experience to develop supplements that will be effective for your condition. Such companies might have tested and carried out researches on the best probiotic supplement. You might also want to check if the brand has a 3rd party certifier. Such certifiers like ConsumerLab help to dig deeper into the products of the companies to determine if they are effective and safe for use. In case you are not sure about the product that you are about to buy, you can contact your doctor for advice.

The recognition of the company is another thing you will want to keep in mind. It must be well known by customers and the previous or current customers must have positive probiotic supplements reviews.

You might also want to check if the mentioned brand has an official website. Most of the leading probiotic supplement companies will have an official website. This website should contain more details about the product and also, it should have a line of various products.
• Check The Content Of The Supplement
The probiotic supplement that you choose must contain ingredients that are effective. The content of the supplement will be included on the label. The label will entail the ingredients of the supplement, as well as any other warnings. Continue Reading ...

How To Make The Most Of The Health Benefits Of Almond Milk

Almond milk is credited with a range of health benefits. First of all, it is great for people who suffer from lactose intolerance and cannot drink ordinary milk. It can be poured over cereal, or added to your cooking as well. In some countries they even use it to make soup. One of the best health benefits of almond milk, is that it does not contain any fats at all. So, if you are suffering from high blood pressure or high cholesterol, it can help to lower both blood fats (triglycerides) and your LDL cholesterol.

Children who suffer from unexplained allergies or eczema, also seem to be benefit from almond milk. It seems to calm their skin, and make them less likely to suffer from outbreaks. If, you are a snorer, you should maybe consider replacing your ordinary milk with almond milk. After all, it does not make you produce any mucus, and this is part of the reason why you snore. Most of us could probably benefit from almond milk.

Ordinary Milk Vs Almond Milk Continue Reading ...

Ten Physical Signs You Are Stressed

Do we talk about stress enough? It appears not as more and more people suffer from it. A lot of people turn up at their doctors with symptoms and signs of stress, but are surprised when the doctor tells them they suffer from stress. The thing is that stress is not just a mental problem, it is a physical problem as well.

10 Physical Signs of Stress

Stress can affect us in many ways, and there are different indicators of stress. However, most doctors look for top ten signs of physical stress, and this is often how they diagnose stress. The sad fact is that many of us don’t know that we are suffering from stress. We know the word, but we are not trained to recognize the physical symptoms which can be subtle or violent.

1) Headaches are one of the most common signs of stress. Patients often say that their entire head hurts, and they have a hard time hearing. The hearing association is an interesting one. Doctors know that tinnitus can be another disorder suffered by patients affected by stress. An overall headache and hearing problems are two of the most common symptoms of a stress headache, but can also indicate a high blood pressure. Continue Reading ...

Hormone Replacement Therapy

The Battle Over Hormone Replacement Therapy and How to Win It

Hormone Replacement Therapy – the Story

For quite a few, hormone replacement therapy has turned out to relieve the discomforting signals of the menopause. Though hormone replacement therapy has many risks related to it, it’s still the most commonly used option for handling menopause. Secondly, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is among the most famous methods today to take care of hormone imbalance.

Finding the Best Hormone Replacement Therapy

In some women, the signals of menopause appear at age 40 and in different ladies, they may not appear until 60. It is a crucial phase for women. It is the most important cause of hormone imbalance in women.

Hormone Replacement Therapy: the Ultimate Convenience!

Although this treatment has helped many, perhaps it is not the best selection for everyone. When you have started the treatment, you should begin seeing the benefits in a few  months but it isnt for everyone and you should seek professional advice. Continue Reading ...