Depressed? Reach Out

We will have all gone through periods of depression at one or more points in our lives. If it passes away soon and you are back to normal, then there is nothing to worry about. If it becomes worse however and affects your day to day life, your family and work, you have to get medical help as soon as possible. Depression affects the nervous system, and if you do not take quick action, it could lead to a nervous breakdown.
Through personal experience, I know what it feels like to be depressed. Although it might not be for a long period of time, it can cause a lot of upheavals in your life and change you from a cheerful and pleasant person to a bundle of misery wrapped up in yourself, and mostly due to circumstances beyond your control.
Although no one is quite sure what causes depression, it is thought that many factors contribute to it such as the parents’ genes where children can be affected, bad childhood experiences, drug abuse, psychological factors, etc. Experts say that the brain of a person suffering from depression looks different to the brain of a normal none depressed individual.
Some of the causes of depression can be the death of a loved one, breakup of a relationship, financial problems, or even for no known reason at all. I have heard many people say they are depressed, but do not really know why.

I became very depressed when my mother passed away. It came to a point where my personality changed completely, and I became a different person altogether, losing interest in everything I liked to do. I did not have the energy to get up in the morning or go to work or watch a movie. I felt like crying all the time or wanting to go to sleep so that I would not have to think or feel anymore. Even without doing any work or tiring myself, I felt exhausted all the time wondering what life was all about; that is until my sister made me seek medical help, which I am happy to say drew me out of my mood of lethargy and misery.
One thing you must realize is that depression is not something that can be handled alone by yourself. First and foremost you have to talk to someone close to you and tell them how you feel. Do not try to fight it alone. If you feel you can confide in a relative or a close friend, say that you do not like to be alone. Go out with them for coffee, a movie, or even just for a walk. Another great way to overcome depression is by helping someone else. You can either join a voluntary organization or simply help an elderly neighbor by visiting her, reading to her or just chatting with her. Talk to a counselor, or join a class in painting, dancing, aerobics or anything that will help you to pass away your time without being alone. Having a pet is also good. Just watching their antics can help you to forget your troubles. Try not being alone at all, because those are the times when you tend to sit and think and wallow in a mood of self-pity.

You can always imagine cheerful things like children playing on the beach or having a picnic and always be positive. If it is stress that is causing depression, you have to learn how to relax by practicing yoga or meditation. Try to think of what causes your depression and if it is relationship problems, too much work, no job, health issues, etc. plan out ways on how to avoid or minimize their impact on your life.
The important thing to remember is that no matter how severe the depression is, it can be treated and cured. The sooner you get help, the more effective and faster the cure will be, and the chances of recurrence are greatly reduced with prompt treatment.