How To Make The Most Of The Health Benefits Of Almond Milk

Almond milk is credited with a range of health benefits. First of all, it is great for people who suffer from lactose intolerance and cannot drink ordinary milk. It can be poured over cereal, or added to your cooking as well. In some countries they even use it to make soup. One of the best health benefits of almond milk, is that it does not contain any fats at all. So, if you are suffering from high blood pressure or high cholesterol, it can help to lower both blood fats (triglycerides) and your LDL cholesterol.

Children who suffer from unexplained allergies or eczema, also seem to be benefit from almond milk. It seems to calm their skin, and make them less likely to suffer from outbreaks. If, you are a snorer, you should maybe consider replacing your ordinary milk with almond milk. After all, it does not make you produce any mucus, and this is part of the reason why you snore. Most of us could probably benefit from almond milk.

Ordinary Milk Vs Almond Milk

Lots of people are concerned about using dairy milk. They know it contains many harmful ingredients such as pesticide residues, growth hormones and even antibiotics. Many of our farm animals are fed antibiotics to keep them healthy, and they can be passed on to us in milk. The process of pasteurizing milk does not kill all types of antibiotics.

Growth hormones are another problem. It is hard to believe, but we even feed growth hormones to our dairy herds in many parts of the world. The theory is that bigger cows produce more milk. That is probably true, but once again, the hormones are passed down to us. They can cause hormonal imbalances which may lead to infertility or damage the endocrine system in our bodies. This starts at an early age as most mothers like to encourage children to drink milk or eat dairy products.

Cows sadly graze on land that may have been sprayed with pesticides. Once again, they are likely to absorb the pesticides and pass them on to us through the milk. You don’t get any of these problems with almond milk. It is slightly lower in calcium but very rich in protein. Replacing dairy milk with almond milk could be one way we could improve our overall health.
Recipes For Almond Milk Smoothies

Smoothies made from almond milk taste absolutely great. Fruits blend well with almond milk, and of course you get all of the health benefits of the milk itself as well. Starting to make smoothies is one way of getting your kids to get used to the taste of almond milk.

Recipe One: Blend together 250 ml of almond milk, one banana and a spoonful of honey. Natural honey and almond milk seem to go hand in hand, and is a great way of adding another healthy component to your almond milk. Bananas are a great fruit as they are rich in potassium, and will help you to kick start your day.

Recipe Two: 250 ml almond milk, handful of blueberries and raspberries. This is a nice smoothie to give to kids when they come home from school. You can add a banana but it is easier for the body to absorb the anti-oxidants in the blueberries and raspberries if you do. Serve with a healthy muffin made with apples, and you will be hero mum for the afternoon.

Recipe Three: 250 ml of almond milk, 1 rhubarb stalk and an apple. This may sound like a bit of a strange flavor combination, but actually tastes a bit like apple and rhubarb crumble. Absolutely delicious and super rich in vitamin C. Try serving with a small bran muffin and maybe dad will enjoy this smoothie as well.

Almond milk is very versatile, and you can even make it yourself each morning. Put a bag of 250 grams of almonds in a blender, and add 750 ml of water. Blend until all of the almonds are crushed, and store in the fridge for the rest of the day. It is very easy to do, and tastes great on warm porridge in the morning.

This is such a versatile milk, and product, that there is no reason why the entire family shouldn’t enjoy the health benefits of almond milk.