Ten Physical Signs You Are Stressed

Do we talk about stress enough? It appears not as more and more people suffer from it. A lot of people turn up at their doctors with symptoms and signs of stress, but are surprised when the doctor tells them they suffer from stress. The thing is that stress is not just a mental problem, it is a physical problem as well.

10 Physical Signs of Stress

Stress can affect us in many ways, and there are different indicators of stress. However, most doctors look for top ten signs of physical stress, and this is often how they diagnose stress. The sad fact is that many of us don’t know that we are suffering from stress. We know the word, but we are not trained to recognize the physical symptoms which can be subtle or violent.

1) Headaches are one of the most common signs of stress. Patients often say that their entire head hurts, and they have a hard time hearing. The hearing association is an interesting one. Doctors know that tinnitus can be another disorder suffered by patients affected by stress. An overall headache and hearing problems are two of the most common symptoms of a stress headache, but can also indicate a high blood pressure.

2) High blood pressure is the second symptom doctors will look out for when examining a patient. This a clear indication of raised arterial tension, and most patients affected by stress do suffer from high blood pressure. This is serious and a high blood pressure can lead to heart problem. Most doctors will take immediate steps to remedy high blood pressure, and patients will be put on medication.

3) An upset stomach is the third symptom doctors will look out for when an examining a patient. Many patients affected by stress will complain over an upset stomach. The symptoms may be of constipation or diarrhea, or they may alternate.

4) A rapid heart beat is another red flag symptom. It is an indication of high blood pressure, and most people suffering from stress will find it difficult to control their heart beat. They may even experience a pounding in their ears.

5) Sleep disturbances are very common as well. They can range from insomnia, a poor sleeping pattern or wanting to sleep all of the time. Wanting to sleep all of the time can be a symptom of chronic stress, it is the body’s way of saying that it needs rest.

6) Doctors will also listen to a patience’s speech. Stuttering, stammering and finding it difficult to find words are clear physical symptoms of stress. This symptom is often coupled with a dry mouth or perhaps even salivating in excessive when trying to speak. It is a serious issue and can lead to anxiety attacks.

7) Many patients with stress shake or develop tremors as well. The doctor will ask you to hold out your hands or stretch your arms out. If he notices shaking, or tremors, it is a good indication that you are suffering from stress. You may think you are developing a dementia associated disease, but the fact is that you are suffering from stress.

8) Digestive disorders often follow other symptoms of stress. A seriously stressed patient may find it difficult to swallow his food and to digest it. Common symptoms are excess burping and a painful stomach.

9) Bladder stress, or frequent urination, is another problem which commonly affects people who suffer from stress. You may feel that you cannot empty your bladder properly, and need to go again. Pain when passing water can be another symptom of stress.

10) Diminished sexual performance,or loss of libido, are very common symptoms when it comes to stress. You may not even want to think about sex or have any sexual fantasies at all.

Any of these symptoms are 10 physical signs of stress, and if you do experience them, you should contact a doctor. It is important to identify the underlying cause and deal with it as quickly as possible. A mental effect of stress is not being able to think clearly, so it may be useful to get some help identifying the problem.

There are many different ways of treating, and dealing with stress, but the fact is that stress can kill and you need to take action.